Urban development

In October 2016, the UN Habitat III conference adopted a New Urban Agenda: cities are places that decide about the future quality of cohabitation. The development of cities correlate with the local implementation of the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, especially in the areas of climate and (in)equality.

Local governments, organized civil society, private sector and other societal groups and initiatives are stakeholders of urban development. To ensure their participation and to bring multiple perspectives together are key goals for the forthcoming debates around sustainable urban strategies. The cooperation between citizens, the business sector, democratic politics and academia, starting from identifying a problem, developing a strategy to creating concrete solutions, is increasingly urgent to master Major urban challenges. The deliberative method of Trialogs offers a trust-building alternative to other formats.


Dr. Audrey Podann
Lead: Dr. Audrey Podann

Our activities

Trialog series "Participation in housing construction"

Trialog series in cooperation with Berlin’s municipal housing companies to find widely accepted solutions for participation in the expanding city.

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Trialog series "City in motion: future infrastructures"

Trialog series with urban society actors from Berlin and researchers for the purpose of developing transdisciplinary research questions and project ideas.

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