Policy Brief No. 2 | Transitional Justice

The HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Center on Governance through Human Rights fosters the concept of Transitional Justice in post-conflict and post-authoritarian societies. Transitional Justice is a method and process that encompasses a number of different legal, political and cultural instruments and mechanisms (such as reparations, trials, truth commissions, amnesties, memorials, compensations

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Policy Brief No. 2 | Climate Justice

Climate Justice is a human rights based approach towards adaptation and mitigation efforts in the context of climate change. In the context of human rights and good governance Climate Justice involves different stakeholders and institutions and supports the cause of justice for those affected by climate change. The

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Policy Brief No. 1 | Cyber Justice

Cyberspace is a borderless public space in which the Internet is a network and a tool that allows different digital devices to connect and communicate. The question of Cyber Justice is thus who should be held accountable and how in a borderless ‘space’ that does not yet posses

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