Exchange forum “Let´s Strengthen Transdisciplinarity”

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The exchange forum “Let´s Strengthen Transdisciplinarity” discusses challenges of joint research from the 12th – 13th of June in the Allianz Forum, Berlin.

Unlike other forms of research, transdisciplinarity can explore complex issues in order to contribute to sustainable solutions. This is because such a research method accommodates the complexities of our society in its process of knowledge generation. It does this by overcoming the epistemic barriers between disciplines and the knowledge gap between the practical and academic world. As a result, it initiates a lively exchange between a variety of actors and generates more coherent answers to our current sustainability problems.

The term “transdisciplinarity” encompasses a whole spectrum of currents and approaches. Some designs, such as Citizen Science, Urban Design Thinking and Real-World Laboratories, implement the method with a focus on practical implications. This is due to the initiation process: Real-World Laboratories were first designed by political and private actors to work together on social issues.

These new methodological approaches (which we pool together under the umbrella-term transdisciplinarity) are attracting new followers amongst researchers, startups and ministries. As a result, Universities have transformed themselves into sustainable future laboratories, companies invest in hybrid laboratories, institutes and ministries organize and fund Real-World Laboratories.

With our exchange forum “Let´s Strengthen Transdisciplinarity” we want to discuss the current challenges transdisciplinary research projects face. We will focus on the three basic building blocks necessary when applying a transdisciplinary method:

1. Conditions for and obstacles to transdisciplinary work

2. Important learning methods and essential project planning & actors

3. Impact and communication of transdisciplinary projects

To contribute to this growing canon of new approaches to research, we – as a neutral political think tank-want to create a space for the participatory and transparent exchange of various actors and disciplines.

Event information:

The Forum “Let´s Strengthen Transdisciplinarity” will take place on June 12th from noon to 6pm and on June 13th from 9am to 4pm at the Allianz Forum in Berlin.

Everyone who works in the intersection between science and practice, in transdisciplinary research, or in a transdisciplinary project, is cordially invited to attend.

Interested parties can register here.

The project is funded by the Association Scholarship Alumni of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Please note: the Forum will take place in German.