Local Electricity Access Program – LEAP

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The United Nations estimate that despite recent progress and many international support initiatives in global electrification, still about 790 million people around the world are without access to electricity, are living in the dark. About 72% of those people live in sub-Saharan Africa mostly relying on traditional fuels that are wasteful, unreliable, expensive, unhealthy, slowdown social economic development and contribute to environmental problems and climate change. Kofi Annan singled out in the Africa Progress Panel flagship report that indoor air pollution alone causes the premature death of four million people worldwide per year; with about 600,000 dying prematurely for this reason in Africa alone; its successor organization Africa Progress Group is carrying LEAP forward through its
strategic Partner HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform, Berlin.

LEAP is designed to help overcome the suffering of people without access to electricity by improving the local enabling environment for off-grid access. It seeks to develop governance parameters in parallel to accompanying implementation of concrete projects, so that first hand experiences and requirements from the local level can be considered. In the long term, LEAP plans to scale up for the whole of rural Africa and to evaluate the most promising strategies from among those pilots.

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Datum: 22.04.2021
Autor: Prof. Dr. Peter Eigen
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