Legal Opinion Integration and Development Fund

The integration and development fund 1 - Legal Opinion Integration and Development Fund

In the European Union, the refugee policy lacks a medium and long-term strategy to support stakeholders in the EU who are willing to accept and integrate refugees. This particularly includes municipalities which have so far not been sufficiently recognised as independent stakeholders. The EU should set up an independent “Integration and Development Fund” so that instead of viewing the acceptance of refugees as a burden, it is turned into an opportunity for sustainable development .

In this way, municipalities taking part in relocation programmes for asylum seekers within the EU, such as from camps on the Aegean Islands for instance, can directly receive funds for accepting and integrating refugees. In turn, these municipalities can then also be granted the same amount of resources to fund their own municipality development projects. Project proposals are developed by the municipalities themselves in collaboration with local civil society stakeholders in participatory stakeholder forums.

From the perspective of EU law, the first question to be asked is whether or not the European Union’s competence to establish such a fund can be derived from the primary legislation.

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