Dr. Anja Mihr elected as Chair of Scientific Committee of EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA)

Dr. Anja Mihr, Program Director of our Center on Governance through Human Rights has been appointed member for 5 years of the Scientific Committe of the EU Fundamental Rigths Agency (FRA) based in Vienna Austria, in September 2018. The FRA is an advisory body to the European Union in human and fundamental rights related matters. During its first session she was also elected chair of the committee.

Since September 1 Anja has also taken up a new position as DAAD Visiting Professor in thh Politics and Security Program at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, where she is teaching, among other subjects, human rights, transitional justice and governance in theory and practise. Students in the program come from the OSCE central Asian region and from Afghanistan.