“From the Sea to the City – A Conference of Cities for a Welcoming Europe”.

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On June 25 and 26, mayors and civil society actors from all over Europe will gather together in Palermo for a Conference of Cities for a Welcoming Europe to propose solutions on how to welcome refugees. 

While the EU and national governments continue to bet on containment and isolation at all costs in their migration policy, cities want to put human rights at the center and bring about a necessary change. 

The goal of the conference is to find concrete answers and establish a European alliance of welcoming municipalities. After the conference, the cities will continue to work closely together and are already planning to meet again in 2022. In addition to the mayors, other prominent guests are expected, including Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, Gesine Schwan and MEP Erik Marquardt.

“All over Europe the cities and citizens show that they are willing to welcome migrants and refugees, it’s time that the European Union also takes a more welcoming approach. At the HVGP we have concrete proposals how this could be achieved; we want to discuss them with cities at the upcoming conference.”

Dr. Malisa Zobel, Humboldt Viadrina Governance-Platform

With regard to the background of the initiative, the coalition was launched in Palermo through a spontaneous initiative of some civil society organizations shortly before June 11, 2018, when the Italian government closed its ports to the rescue ship Aquarius, at a time when there were 600 migrants rescued at sea on this ship.

Our press team will be on site and can arrange interviews. Here you can find a detailed briefing with voices of the mayors from Palermo and Potsdam and from members of the consortium “From the Sea to the City”. Photo and video content from on site can also be provided.

Press contact: Giulia Fellin, Humboldt-Viadrina Governance Platform, +4917681690668, gfellingovernance-platform.org