Glocal Governance - How to govern in the Anthropocene: New book publication by Anja Mihr

Anja Mihr, Head of the Centre on Governance through Human Rightshas published her new book "Glocal Governance - How to govern in the Anthropocene" published. In this book, she deals with the development of the concept of glocal governance and the question of what a system of glocal governance could look like in the future. Anja Mihr proposes an additional mode of governance that can improve democracy at all levels of policymaking. The book also describes how this approach is a possible solution to dysfunctional procedures and performance of authoritarian regimes. The publication follows the Centre's glocalism approach, which relies on a strong link between human rights and governance in all areas of its work. This publication can be downloaded free of charge from the website Springer Briefs in Political Science can be downloaded.