Conference: Europe and the Mediterranean

The conference organized by the Maecenata Foundation and the Governance Center Middle East | North Africa of the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform in April of 2015, focused on the issues determining the historical and cultural traditions and facts which constitute the perception of commonness; delegates from Kosovo, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia,
Algeria, Morocco, Malta, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Austria and Germany were invited to discuss to what extent these are valid and instrumental to substantiate the vision of the future politically, culturally and economically. How can we find each other anew? How can we dissolve the contradiction of, on one hand, feeling close to each other in terms of political values and, on the other hand, being so distant in political reality? What are the new conditions under which we may build our common – Mediterranean – house? How may citizens be and remain involved in shaping the common future? These were some of the questions we wished to tackle.

Experts were invited to present and discuss their arguments both in plenary sessions and informally in the beautiful setting of Villa Vigoni. The format of the conference aimed at providing as much time as possible for discussion. The group which eventually assembled at the Villa Vigoni was a balanced mix from every point of view: male and female, older and younger, academicians and practitioners.

The report on the conference is available here.