Municipal Development Advisory Councils - Shapers of the Socio-Ecological Transformation

The political decision-makers in Germany are faced with a task of the century: to master the great transformation to a decarbonized and climate-friendly society - and to do so as efficiently as efficiently, quickly and socially acceptable as possible. This task is made more difficult by multiple crises such as the energy crisis or inflation, which suddenly put familiar securities for citizens, such as energy supply and relative and relative prosperity are suddenly shaken. Democracy is experiencing a crisis of credibility - and transformation can only succeed and the transformation can only succeed if trust in politics grows again.

This is precisely where the Municipal Development Advisory Councils (KEBs) come in, bringing together politicians and administrators with the shapers from business and civil society. Together they develop sustainable and societal recommendations for local politics. In four meetings, the the 25-30-member Development Advisory Council develops a recommendation for the elected council on a topic of topic of socio-ecological transformation that is particularly relevant for the municipality. With accompanying public relations work and participation, the entire community becomes part of the process. Professional process support on site and in Berlin strengthens the development of local participation competence.

How are the municipalities supported?
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04/2023 - 04/2025


Do you work in local government and are interested in initiating an innovative local participation approach on a topic of socio-ecological transformation? Then please contact us or apply directly for your municipality by filling out the application form and sending it by May 26 to Laura Gerards Iglesias by May 26. In addition to the written application, a personal interview with the project management is planned.

On June 9, the jury's final decision on the selected partner municipalities will be announced.

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