Sign up for the conference “Relaunching Europe Bottom-Up” (June 7, 2017, Gdańsk)

Conference “RELAUNCHING EUROPE BOTTOM UP” (June 7, 2017)

European Solidarity Centre, 1 Solidarity square, 80-863 Gdańsk

The European Union needs a vital relaunch and, most urgently, a solidary solution of migration challenges. The impact of migration is most strongly felt at the local municipality level. Multi-stakeholder, municipality-led programs for integration of third-country nationals are pivotal for successful integration. Based on inclusion, solidarity and innovation they should get direct European funding for a strategy of general community investment and development.

Focus of the conference

In order to promote that policy, the Mayor of Gdańsk Pawel Adamowicz, the Director of the Europejski Centrum Solidarnosci Basil Kerski, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies, SOLIDAR and the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform are inviting you to the conference

“Relaunching Europe Bottom-Up – From Refugee Integration to Common Sustainable Development: Solidarity and Innovation through European Communities and Regions”

Objectives of the Conference

Join us and stakeholders from municipalities, businesses, civil society from all over Europe as well as representatives of the European Parliament, social partners as well as cities and regions of Europe to:

  •  learn about a new holistic and direct financing strategy of European communities by the European Union
  •  get acquainted with a multi-stakeholder based integration policy focused on a common development strategy at the municipal level.
  • discuss the benefits of this holistic approach with participating European municipalities and answer open questions.
  • promote a bottom-up relaunch of the EU through the participation of civil society and business and strengthen investment as well as further integration avoiding both centralisation and renationalisation
  •  promote a bottom-up relaunch of the EU through the participation of civil society and business and through more direct European financing of communities and regions.

The fundamental idea: to transform the so-called refugee crisis into an inclusive European growth and development initiative. 

The conference will send a strong message to the EU by presenting a political strategy for solidarity and decentralized relocation of refugees and migrants through communities and regions in the EU, based on a multi-stakeholder approach that includes politics, business, and organized civil society.

The conference will be held in English.


Please find the official invitation and the agenda here. To register please visit the online portal for the conference:

Final registration date is June 6, 2017.