Re:Match - Relocation via Matching enters its second phase

A new collaboration for the next chapter of piloting Relocation via Matching! Re:Match joins forces with the human rights organisation "Right to Protection" (R2P) in Ukraine.

06 May 2023

We want to give a revival to European migration and asylum policy - especially in the current context. Building on our valuable experience and findings from the Re:Match pilot phase in 2023, we are delighted to announce the launch of Phase 2!

In the coming weeks, we will use our further optimised processes and our enhanced algorithm to once again match Ukrainian asylum seekers in Poland with German municipalities and support them in their relocation. The aim is to gain new insights in order to take the next step in Re:Match's development towards scaling and to provide further evidence that a better - meaning: participatory and sustainable integration-oriented - distribution of protection seekers in the EU is possible!

A new cooperation for the next Re:Match chapter: Right to Protection Charitable Foundation

Together we are stronger. That is why we are delighted to be able to cooperate with the Right to Protection Charitable Foundation this year! R2P is a leading human rights organisation in Ukraine which provides a wide range of support to those seeking protection. The foundation runs programmes offering legal, psychological, social and material support and to protect human rights. In order to support Ukrainians who have fled to other countries as a result of the Russian war of aggression, R2P opened a representative office in Warsaw together with HIAS Europe. As part of Re:Match, R2P informs people seeking protection from Ukraine about the possibility of relocating to a German municipality and will be a contact partner to them. Together with the BGP, R2P will conduct interviews with Ukrainian asylum seekers in order to identify their needs and preferences and match them with a suitable municipality. Once a match has been made, R2P helps to coordinate the travel arrangements.

Our partnership with known and newly acquired municipalities

It is the municipalities that take in and welcome people seeking protection. Through their expertise, they create an environment in which successful integration can take place. And only by working closely with local authorities can we work towards better distribution and reception of people seeking protection. We are therefore delighted to be working with five of our partner municipalities again in 2024, as well as with new partner municipalities!

"We took part in the Re:Match pilot project to work towards better distribution and reception of people seeking protection. Re:Match takes into account what we consider to be particularly important from a municipal perspective: a customised distribution that is geared towards both the capacities of the municipalities and the needs and preferences of those seeking protection." (Britta Bauer, Advisor to the Head of Department for Social Affairs, Health, Housing and Sport, City of Kiel)