“Honey, I shrank the Internet”. Kick-Off event of the series “Shrinking Cyberspace” by the Center on Governance through Human Rights

In cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, the first event “Shrinking Cyberspace – Civil Society and Human Rights in the Digital Age – The Example of Africa” ​​took place on February 28, 2017 in Berlin. This event discussed the growing limitations in the digital space – “Shrinking Cyberspace” – which has made it exceedingly difficult for civil society, particularly in Africa, to report on undemocratic events in the respective countries and to criticize them.

Within the scope of event series “Shrinking Cyberspace”, there will be further events in 2017 that discuss various topics related to human rights and fundamental freedoms on the Internet and in cyber space.

The event series is intended to make an important contribution to the debate on the value of human rights in the digital space. In addition, it wants to enable participants to gain a deep understanding of the political and normative social change caused by the use of the Internet and the daily interaction with digital technology. It will also link human rights issues to issues of governance, economic interests and civil society participation.