Alina Lyapina

Alina Lyapina works as Communications and Public Relations Coordinator in the project “Municipal Reception of Refugees in Europe as Municipal Development” within the Municipal Integration and Development Initiative (MIDI) since March 2022. Previously, she worked as a project officer at Agora Energiewende focusing on Just Transition in South African municipalities.

Alina studied political science at the University of Hamburg with a focus on human rights and has vast knowledge of progressive municipal policies and participative approaches in Europe. She has extensive experience in facilitating collaboration initiatives between civil society organizations and municipalities in the field of migration both in Germany and the EU, such as Seebrücke movement and the network From The Sea To The City. Alina also helped conceptualize the “Moving Cities”, a digital map showcasing successful local approaches to migration and inclusion across the whole of Europe.

IMG 00482 scaled e1649688159192 275x410 - Alina Lyapina