Maura Kratz

Maura Kratz works as student assistant in the Transparent Local Electricity Access Programme (Transparent LEAP) of the Berlin Governance Platform since August 2022, aiming to facilitate the electrification process of rural regions in Sub-Saharan Africa through multi-stakeholder dialogues.   

She is currently working on her master’s thesis at FU Berlin, completing her dual degree in Political Science / Affaires Européennes / Affaires Internationales between FU Berlin and SciencesPo Paris. She achieved her bachelor’s degree at Sciences Po Paris on the European campus in Nancy, France.  

Maura Kratz had two extended practical work experiences in Cameroon before and during her bachelor’s degree, during which she assisted work on an organic farm, at a school, and in a consulting company. A one-year Service Civique at the Maison de la Nature du Sundgau in rural Alsace sparked her interest in sustainability concepts for businesses and educational institutions. During her master’s degree, she worked as a student trainee at the sustainability initiative Sustain-It! at  FU-Berlin. She also worked as an intern at the NGO Un toit pour les migrants in Nancy, providing administrative and educational support to underage African refugees.  



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