Sebastian Wegner

Sebastian Wegner is Senior Coordinator for Climate Transparency at the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform. He joined the team in May 2015.

Sebastian is an economist with several years of experience working in the areas of multistakeholder governance, anti-corruption, transparency and climate action. He has special expertise in conceptualizing and implementing multistakeholder initiatives as well as advocacy and country assessment tools.

He is with Climate Transparency since its inception in 2014 and is responsible for fundraising, strategic development of the initiative as well as the financial planning, negotiations and controlling as well as HR.

Further to Climate Transparency, he contributed to setting up other global multistakeholder initiatives such as the Fisheries Transparency Initiative, piloting the Alliance for Integrity in India as well as conceptualizing Transparency International’s BICA – Business Integrity Country Agenda.

Prior to joining the Platform, Sebastian worked for over three years for the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of Governance under the Siemens Integrity Initiative and as a freelancer for Convention on Business Integrity, Deutsches Global Compact Netzwerk, GIZ, Transparency International and the World Bank Group.

Telefon: +49 (30) 20620115

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