Trialog: A new traffic system for Berlin

This week Berlin’s senate is going to vote on a bill on mobility. The legislation aims at making Berlin’s traffic more mobile, saver and primarily climate friendly. Climate neutrality until 2050 is on the agenda. There are different proposals and heavy debates on how this goal can be accomplished. Following an invitation of the TU Berlin and the HVGP, more than 60 stakeholder of the scientific community, politics and administration, civil society organizations and the private sector came together on the 25th of June 2018 for a first transdisciplinary Trialog on “Urban Mobility – A new traffic system for Berlin?” in Berlin’s Allianz Forum, Pariser Platz.

The Trialog was the successful starting point of the “New Urban Agenda Berlin“, a project that the TU Berlin carries out together with the HVGP and Gesine Schwan as moderator. The discussion concept of the Trialogs, which is designed to promote diversity of perspectives, participation and common understanding, was developed by the HVGP. The mobility issue is only one of four relevant topics for urban development the TU deals with in the context of the common project “New Urban Agenda Berlin”, founded by the Lotto Foundation Berlin. Further Trialogs on migration, housing and tourism are going to take place within this year.

The complete press release in German is to be found here.