The concept of our Trialogs

Our Trialogs organize a process of understanding between stakeholders from the public sector, the business sector, organized civil society and academia, in order to find widely acceptable solutions to societal challenges oriented towards the common good. In our Trialog events participants profoundly discuss current societal questions on a certain topic and are asked to take into account the different perspectives of the stakeholder groups and substantiate their point of view. The topics and questions of our Trialogs are developed together with our clients and cooperating partners.

Trialogs are led by an experienced host and take place under the Chatham House Rule. In that way Trialogs allow for the necessary confidentiality to integrate all perspectives of the participants in the discussion – regardless of diverging power positions. As a follow-up, the transcript of the discussion is analyzed by means of qualitative social research approaches with the aim to demonstrate corridors of consensus for broadly accepted solutions to societal challenges.

Our principles are:

  • Multiple perspectives: Trialogs bring together a variety of sometimes antagonistic perspectives. Due to their different functions, experiences and power potentials the invited stakeholders cover a broad spectrum of relevant societal perspectives.
  • Factual arguments: Participants are asked to substantiate their points of view in the discussion and link them to arguments mentioned by other participants. This sets a common ground for understanding and a change in perspectives so that discussions can take on a new direction.
  • Profound consensuses: It is particularly important to us that the results of our Trialogs are comprehensible and support decision-making processes sustainably. Thus, our Trialog concept also includes a thorough scientific analysis of the discussion on the basis of the transcript. The analysis helps to determine where different arguments meet and to identify consensus corridors to pave the way for sustainable decision making.

Trialogs are one-day events with about 50 participants. A Trialog is not a panel discussion but it is shaped by its participants – via input presentations and contributions to the discussion. The topics of the Trialogs reflect questions relevant to our client’s needs.

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Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan
Lead: Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan

Our Trialog topics

Economy, work, family

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Energy transition

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European Growth Initiative

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Urban development

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Democracy and Economics

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