New Urbane Agenda Berlin: Mobility

Berlin’s city society faces immense challenges: The infrastructure needs to be harmonized with citizens’ different demands for mobility. The growing city results in new problems of traffic and diverse mobility services need to be coordinated. Increasingly, there is a conflict of use about public space.

How can research contribute together with the urban society to solutions of traffic problems? Researchers of the Technical University of Berlin get in touch with actors of politics and administration, the private sector and civil society organizations in order to assess options for common actions.

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[+] Trialog Mobility I: "Urban Mobility - A new traffic system for Berlin?"

Together we are going to discuss the following questions:

  1. What kind of traffic do we want in Berlin in the future and which space should be available for the diverse road users in the city?
  2. What role shall politics take over in order to change the traffic system and how can other stakeholder groups support political decision-making?
  3. What are the possibilities to connect different mobility services in order to travel pathways fast and safely?
  4. Do there already exist sustainable traffic solutions in other cities that can be adapted for Berlin’s needs and can be implemented in practice?
  5. In how far can research contribute together with the city society to solutions?

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