Urban Development

Current challenges of urban development cannot be solved unilaterally. The joint participation of politics and administraton, the private sector, civil society organizations and not least scientists are needed to identify viable solutions to promote positive urban development. We see transdisciplinary processes as an opportunity for science and practice to participate in the problem-solving of developmental issues in the city. Our special method, the “Trialog”, opens up this necessary diversity of perspectives and creates the opportunity to exchange opinions and assess options for action in a trusting and confidential atmosphere. Transdisciplinary project groups aim to develop joint research projects that benefit urban society and science alike.

At present, the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform carries out transdisciplinary Trialogs and project groups on mobility, migration, housing and tourism together with the Technical University of Berlin in the transdisciplinary project “New Urban Agenda Berlin” (2018-2020), supported by the LOTTO foundation. The project takes up urgent questions for Berlin’s urban development and identifies forward-looking research fields. Transdisciplinary trial dialogues and subsequent project groups bring together science and practice and exploit the opportunities of mutual knowledge transfer in order to positively shape urbanization.

Our international project “Trialogue for Participation in Urban Development” (2019), funded by the Federal Foreign Office, enables the exchange between German and Belarusian actors on pressing issues of urban development, housing construction and citizen participation. In the long term, the establishment of participatory practices in urban development can contribute to sustainable and sustainable urban development solutions.

In a series of talks on social housing in cities (2019), we are currently bringing together representatives of politics, administration, business and organized civil society to discuss current housing challenges.

In the past, the method of transdisciplinary trialogue was successfully established in a first trialogue series on urban development entitled “City in motion: Future Infrastructures” (2016). The following trialogue series “Participation in Housing Construction” (2017) resulted in the development of guidelines for the state-owned housing cooperatives, thus considering the diversity of perspectives in urban development.

Dr. Melanie Kryst
Lead: Dr. Melanie Kryst

Transdisciplinary Trialogs: "New Urban Agenda" (2018-2010)

The Project

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Trialog for participation in urban development: "Future Cities" (2019)

The Project

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Our former activities

Trialog series: "Participation in housing construction" (2017)

Trialog series in cooperation with Berlin’s municipal housing companies to find widely accepted solutions for participation in the expanding city.

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Transdisciplinary Trialogs: "City in motion -future infrastructures" (2016)

Trialog series with urban society actors from Berlin and researchers for the purpose of developing transdisciplinary research questions and project ideas.

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