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The Belarusion Union of Architects (BUA)

The Belarusion Union of Architects (BUA) is an association of architects with more than 700 members. The objectives of the BUA include promoting the protection of the historical and architectural environment, the preservation of national cultural assets, the promotion of public debate on urban development issues, and supporting the architectural profession. The unit “Arhprosvet” within BUA wants to promote integrating the ideals of a democratic society in architecture and urban development projects. These include citizenship programs and support for community initiatives.

Email: rdabsa.by

The Commission “Arhprosvet”

The Commission “Arhprosvet” as a structural unit of the NGO “Belarusian Union of Architects” (BUA) was created in 2012 by a team of experienced architects who saw an urgent need for professional support from urban citizens in ever-growing urban development conflicts. The purpose of “Arhprosvet” is to promote the design of architectural and urban planning objects which reflect the ideals of a humane and democratic society. The Commission “Arhprosvet” has intensified the education of citizens on critical urban issues. The team has achieved significant results as well as support from various political and organisational levels for their community initiatives: They have protected the rights of residents of demolished private houses through the call for adequate compensation and consultations. These initiatives have enabled Arhprosvet to win cases in Belorussian courts, which has led to the suspension of the plans of resettlement of the residential quarters in the central districts of Minsk.

Email: arhprosvetgmail.com

Vitaly Kukharenko

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Vitaly Kukharenko organizes and conducts informal professional consultations for activists of local communities on the themes of reconstruction and construction of residential areas, quarters, and the private sector. He elaborates on the democratic processes present in current events. Kukharenko publicly explains all the nuances and subtleties of architectural laws and regulations and provides possible solutions in potential conflicts with developers. As an expert he identifies current and perspective problems of modern buildings and offers local activists workshops on how to overcome such barriers in the interest of all residents. Together with other professionals, he provides expert support to local activists in private sessions.