Future Cities: Strengthening Participation

Although the participation of residents and local civil society is increasingly accepted by the state authorities, both cities face problems of implementing democratic participation processes in local projects:

• Citizens criticize the way in which they are informed by the state

• Citizens are not sufficiently familiar with their participation rights and opportunities

• Citizens are unsure how to get involved in the planning process at an early stage

• The specific knowledge and skills needed by citizens remain unused. Instead, public participation remains at the level of emotional appeals and protests.

As a result, the potential to develop consensual solutions in conflictive contexts of urban and regional planning between the actors involved is not acted pursued.

The HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform seeks to capture this untapped potential to stimulate, accompany and develop participatory processes. Only then can cities like Berlin develop through the joint effort of all actors working symbiotically. The exchange between Minsk and Berlin experts in this project will support the realization of this goal.