Urban development

Cities are breeding grounds for social change – especially due to the high population density and diversity. Urban spaces and neighborhoods quickly become spaces for learning and experimenting, driving social, cultural as well as technological and economic innovation. Increasing conflicts of interests require a productive and transparent discussion of personal interest groups in order to jointly develop sustainable solutions for future coexistence.

We are convinced that established participation strategies leads to sustainable urban development, and furthermore, to a respectful discussion culture and cooperative networking. Because the big challenges of urban development can only be solved together, since solutions for a sustainable urban development require a well organized and democratic collaboration of all participants.

In our urban development projects we use special multi-stakeholder-formats like the Trialog-concept, which was invented by the HVGP, to connect different agents from politics and administration, economy, organized civil society and science. To generate synergies between city-related science and urban actors we organize a systematic exchange in order to create new solutions and possible options for action.

We support the real estate industry with processes for participation.

The series of Trialog-events “Participation in Housebuilding” (2017) resulted in the publication of guidelines for participation in the municipal housing companies in Berlin, which represent the diversity of perspectives of the urban society. After a pilot phase, we took the first interim assessment by evaluating the initial feedback.

We connect stakeholders to develop sustainable housing policies.

In a series of discussions concerning social and ecological housing supply in cities (2019 and 2020) we connect different actors from politics and administration, economy and organized civil society to speak about current challenges and possible solutions.

We promote international exchange for participation processes in urban development.

Our international project “Cities for citizens” (2019 and 2020) supports the exchange between German and Belarussian experts concerning significant area such as urban development, housing policy and participation processes. The project is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We use transdisciplinary methods to combine science with practitioners.

In the past, the first series of Trialogs with the Technical University of Berlin “City – for future infrastructures” (2016) successfully proved the concept of transdisciplinary Trialogs. In our joint project “New Urban Agenda Berlin” (2018-2020), financed by the LOTTO foundation, we carry out transdisciplinary Trialogs and project groups on mobility, migration, housing and tourism.

Dr. Melanie Kryst
Lead: Dr. Melanie Kryst

Assistant: Julia Steenpaß


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