International exchange (2019-2020)

It is a long journey from the progressive cultural Berlin to the post-socialist influenced City of Minsk. But precisely because of the different character of both cities, an exchange programme about urban development is so interesting and instructive. Our projects on urban development take advantage of a multi-stakeholder approach in order to gain insights on solutions towards the common good.

With increasing urbanization, cities play a major role in our social development. In order to respond adequately to global problems such as climate change and to improve the quality of life of the entire population in a longterm view, sustainable and democratically organized city concepts are essential.
It is also important to empower citizens in their role as development actors, because after all they will determine in practice what the future of living together will look like.

The bilateral project “Sustainable Cities” brings together German and Belarusian experts from politics & administration, business and organized civil society in a Trialog to contribute their knowledge to current urban planning discussions and to jointly design the city of the future.

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