Multi-Stakeholder discussions on housing (2019-2021)

Living in metropolitan areas confronts citizens, politicians and private housing companies with challenging questions concerning rents, new construction, district development and densification. Due to the continuing increase of population, the demand for housing exceeds the supply. Rising living costs, conflicting interests concerning the real estate sector and hardened fronts of the actors determine the debate. Protests of the residents are often against the increasing privatization of the housing market and against gentrification processes.

Given a culture of participation, to pacify urban conflicts require a common level of discussion between the various actors and an exchange of responsibility, also of private housing companies.

The multi-stakeholder conversations about the supply of housing offer a trust-building setting to discuss about the ability to communicate and compromise and to find common room of maneuvre dispite conflicting positions. Organized by the HUMBOLDT VIADRINA governance platform and moderated by Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan 10-15 participants discuss about current issues of housing supply.

We are convinced that decisions relevant to society can only be strengthened and legitimized if the exchange between politics and administration, business, organized civil society and science is improved.

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan

Contact: Dr. Melanie Kryst