At the Platform, we develop different formats and procedures for well thought-out governance strategies in Germany, Europe and the world. In doing so, we are guided by the two central principles of good governance: transparency and participation. Our activities are based on the approach of bringing together actors (stakeholders) from politics and administration, business and organized civil society in different formats in each case with the aim of developing common good-oriented and creative solutions for pressing social challenges. To this end, we use both formats that have been tried and tested over many years and new pilot processes in which we test innovative ideas.


Trialogues bring stakeholders from politics (including administration), business, organized civil society and - accompanying - science into exchange. They create understanding where a diversity of perspectives is needed: in current social debates and in policy, science and process consulting. Trialogues prepare viable decisions.

Municipal Development Councils

Municipal Development Councils are made up of politicians (including administrators), organized civil society, and businesses. They advise on future-relevant topics and suggest actions for local decision-making bodies. They follow the principle that the involvement of all relevant stakeholders leads to the most inclusive and sustainable development for communities and cities.

Multi-Actor Networks

Multi-Actor Networks are partnerships of actors from politics, business, organized civil society and academia at the national or international level to address challenges that require cooperation among the relevant stakeholders. The networks are characterized by a certain degree of institutionalization.

Knowledge Atlases

Knowledge atlases offer the possibility of documenting complex topics in a clear and interactive way. Using a specially developed online tool, the different areas and arguments of a topic are recorded in a graphical representation similar to a mind map.