Study „Multi-Actor-Partnerships for the Agenda 2030″ published

Studie MAP im Rahmen der Agenda 2030 300x200 - Study „Multi-Actor-Partnerships for the Agenda 2030" published

A study written by the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform takes a closer look at Multi-Actor-Partnerships as one possible instrument to implement the Agenda 2030. The study focuses on the experiences of German stakeholders in existing partnerships. Practical insights were gained through interviews with stakeholders from various stakeholder-groups. These practical

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Another America – another Europe

Another America – another Europe A transatlantic dialogue on the sustainable development of two continents. Lecture and discussion session of the SDSN Germany and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation with Jeffrey Sachs and Gesine Schwan in Berlin on May 31, 2017. What is wrong with the previous models of

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