Hoyerswerda Municipal Development Council: plans for the "Grüner Saum"

Hoyerswerda is a partner municipality in the pilot project Municipal development councils - Shaping the future together locally. Accompanied by the Berlin Governance Platform, Municipal Development Councils are currently being organised in partner municipalities throughout Germany with a topic chosen by the municipality.

Since January 2023, around 30 volunteer councillors in Hoyerswerda have been working on an overall concept for the Grüne Saum. This involves green spaces that extend around the old and new town of Hoyerswerda and are to be developed into a coherent local recreation area. This process was reported on in the MDR's Sachsenschau programme. The programme is available on the MDR website: MDR media library

You can also find more information about the Hoyerswerda Municipal Development Advisory Board on the Website of the city of Hoyerswerda.