Climate & Energy

Climate protection needs ambitious policies. We report on the status of national climate protection plans and their implementation. We moderate national and international dialogues between science, politics, and civil society that advance our thinking about climate protection and energy transition.


We stand for innovative approaches in EU migration policy and offer collaborative processes and projects in the area of refugees, asylum and migration. An urgently needed reform of the European migration and asylum system has been pending for years. However, the reform proposals now being negotiated by the EU institutions do not provide for sufficient improvements in human rights and humanitarian due diligence obligations. Due to the growing complexity of the issue, sustainable, fast and agile solutions are needed. 

The picture shows a globe and the colours of the Berlin Governance Platform. We deal with flight and asylum, see ourselves as an ideas incubator for innovative approaches to EU migration policy and offer a platform for collaborative processes and projects.


What does democracy mean today? And how can trust in democratic structures be restored? At a time when intellectuals are predicting the end of democracy as we know it and elected politicians are trying to undermine the democratic system from within, effective answers to these questions are more urgent than ever. 

Urban Development

Cities are incubators for social change. Local neighborhoods often become learning spaces for social, cultural, technical, and economic innovations. We are convinced that on-site participation not only leads to sustainable urban developments but also creates a trusting culture of discussion and cooperation across projects.