Cities for Citizens - Civil Society Participation in Berlin and Minsk

CONTACTMelanie Kryst, Milena Kula

The exchange between the cities of Minsk and Berlin resulted in the publication "Cities for citizens", to support civil society in their work as initiators of participatory urban development. The handbook summarises the political mechanisms of urban development in Minsk and Berlin and identifies four elements for implementing successful participatory processes. The content is supported by quotes from actors from civil society, academia and politics and illustrated with graphics.

In addition to the focal points of the content, the stages of the project "Future of the city" in the context of which the brochure was created. Finally, the Trialoge®-The project also presents the event format that was used in the project to promote understanding between the Berlin and Minsk stakeholders. For reference, all relevant organisations in Germany and Belarus that were involved in the course of the project are listed with the corresponding link on the back of the brochure. The brochure also provides links to relevant political information in both countries and lists databases on participation methods and publications on research projects that have trialled social innovations in cities.