Trialogue report: "Housing in Berlin: perspectives for the growing city"

CONTACTGesine Schwan, Melanie Kryst

Housing in Berlin - there are few topics in the capital that get people's attention as much as the question of rents, new construction, neighbourhood development and densification. Demand for housing is outstripping supply, primarily due to the continuing population increase. The debate is characterised by rising housing costs, conflicting interests in the property sector and accusations of insufficient new construction activity. In addition, overarching issues such as digitalisation, environmental protection and social inclusion are having an impact on the question of how we want to live in the city in the future.

The format

We transcribe and evaluate our trial dialogues® from a social science perspective. The results are published here in the detailed report "Housing in Berlin: Perspectives for the growing city". It contains arguments and their justifications from all trialogues®-participants and places them in relation to each other. In the long term, the interfaces between science and urban society serve as points of reference for initiating transdisciplinary projects in the city.

The Trialogue®

Our third Trialog® "Living in Berlin: Perspectives for the growing city" as part of the project New Urban Agenda Berlin addressed the question of how housing in Berlin could be designed sustainably for all citizens. Over 80 participants from academia, politics and administration, business and organised civil society discussed pressing challenges and options for action on 7 December 2018.