G20 Climate Action 2015 – A Turning Point?

AUTORFranziska Marten (Germanwatch) und Sebastian Wegner (HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform), Gerd Leipold (HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform), Jan Burck (Germanwatch), Niklas Höhne (NewClimate Institute)

As defined and submitted so far, the INDCs will not be enough to keep global temperature
rise below 2°C. One of the main contributors to this report – the Climate Action Tracker – has shown that even if governments implemented these intentions, global temperatures
in 2100 would still be about 2.7°C higher than pre-industrial levels.

While it is a good sign that countries have woken up to the need for global action on
climate change, their present plans are not enough: greater ambition will be needed. A crucial step towards this greater ambition will be for countries themselves and for the world to know what progress we are making.

With this report, Climate Transparency aims to start filling this gap by providing a credible composite picture of global action. This will help encourage countries to raise their ambition for climate action in a race to the top, both in implementing their INDCs, and going further, towards the level of action that is needed.