First partner municipality in the pilot project finalises process

Kalletal Municipal Development Council Presents Recommendations

On 14 September, the Kalletal Municipal Development Advisory Board presented its recommendation paper to the municipal council and mayor. It contains clear objectives and concrete proposals for measures to improve local healthcare provision. Some of the proposed measures, such as the establishment of a municipal medical care centre, have already been taken up by politicians and will be pursued further.

The handover of the recommendations marks the end of an intensive meeting phase. Between January and August 2023, around 30 advisory board members spent four days working on the recommendations. Kalletal is the first partner municipality in the Pilot project for municipal development councils - Shaping the future together locallyin which the recommendations were submitted to the municipal council. 

The recommendations for download.

More information on the Kalletal Municipal Development Council process can be found on the Blog.



Photo: Lorraine Brinkmann, Lippische Landeszeitung