Recommendations of the Kalletal Municipal Development Advisory Board on local healthcare provision

DATEAugust 2023
AUTHORKalletal Municipal Development Council

The Kalletal Municipal Development Council has developed recommendations for local healthcare provision. Divided into 5 core topics, the first step was to define objectives that should be pursued as part of future decisions in the area of healthcare. Specific measures are also formulated for each core topic, which are recommended for implementation.

The recommendations of the Kalletal Municipal Development Advisory Board were drawn up in four meetings between January and August 2023. In September 2023, the recommendations were presented to the municipal council and the mayor of the municipality of Kalletal and unanimously adopted by the municipal council in December 2023. Measures such as the establishment of a municipal medical care centre or a prevention day will be implemented as early as 2024.

Kalletal was a partner municipality in the 2022-2023 pilot project Municipal Development Councils - Shaping the future together locally.