Trialogues as a contribution to good governance

CONTACTAudrey Podann, Gesine Schwan, Katja Treichel

We are convinced that democratic politics can only be strengthened and re-legitimised as an area of collective negotiation and shaping of the living environment, society and community if there is (once again) a better exchange and stable resonance between politics and society. In this sense, we want to make a concrete contribution to good governance with our projects and topics.

In this background essay on the first anniversary of the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform (now the Berlin Governance Platform), we would first like to present the most important theoretical, ideological and historical foundations for our trialogue concept. We will then show what opportunities for revitalising and realigning political processes for decision-making lie in the trialogue process based on our experience. Three aspects are particularly characteristic of our trialogue concept: organising a diversity of perspectives, substantiating arguments and demonstrating basic consensus.