"From the Sea to the City - A Conference of Cities for a Europe in Solidarity".

On June 25 and 26, mayors from across Europe will join civil society actors in Palermo for a Cities for a Europe of Solidarity conference to propose solutions to welcome refugees.

Save the date! Conference "From the Sea to the City

We are finally happy to announce the date of our joint conference! The conference is organized by From the Sea to the City, a European civil society network in collaboration with the cities of Palermo and Potsdam.

Municipalities can do it! For a refugee policy initiative that combines integration and development measures

Cities and municipalities are not only central actors when it comes to providing protection, integration and social cohesion, they are also centers for business and development. At the same time, they must find effective local solutions to the effects of transnational challenges and thus make an important contribution to global problem-solving.
From the Sea to the City - Migration - Publikationsankündigung Als Teil des Konsortiums From the Sea to the City freuen wir uns sehr, unsere erste gemeinsame Publikation mit Schlüsselempfehlungen und Best Practices im Bereich der europäischen Migration zu veröffentlichen. Die Empfehlungen richten sich an Vertreter*innen der EU, Bürgermeister*innen, Vertreter*innen von Kommunen und an die Zivilgesellschaft.

New Publication: Ideas and Best Practices for a Human Rights-Based European Migration Policy

As part of the From the See to the City consortium, we are very pleased to publish our first joint publication with key recommendations and best practices in the field of European migration. The recommendations are addressed to EU representatives, mayors, representatives of municipalities and civil society.
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