Logo and a municipality from the Berlin Governance Platform's Re:Match pilot project in four colours. The individual pieces of the symbol match with the others to create a matching whole.

Re:Match in its second year: new matching and relocation phase successfully implemented

In the 2nd project phase of Re:Match, German municipalities once again welcomed Ukrainian protection seekers after our algorithm calculated the best available matches between cities and protection seekers.

"Migration policy must focus on people seeking protection and municipalities in order to work"

In an interview with Radio Fluchtpunkt on Antenne Münster, BGP speaker Lea Rau discusses EU migration policy.

Cities, raise your voices now amidst the EU's New Pact on Migration and Asylum

The BGP & Eurocities hosted an insightful online panel exploring the role cities and city networks can play in light of the evolving CEAS-reform.

Why our democracy needs a "living basic consensus"

Berlin Governance Platform founder Gesine Schwan illustrates how municipal development councils strengthen democracy and the common good.

"Democracy is manual labour"

In an interview with Deutschlandfunk, BGP Managing Director Daphne Büllesbach discusses the "state of health" of European democracy.

Panel discussion: "Amplifying local voices, shaping CEAS implementation plans"

The BGP & Eurocities invite you to an insightful online panel exploring the role cities and city networks can play in light of the evolving CEAS-reform.

How German parties position themselves on the distribution and reception of asylum seekers

What do the German parties, which belong to different political groups in the EU Parliament, think about issues of intra-European solidarity and the distribution of people seeking protection? We asked them.

Combined expertise: Joint development of municipal strategies for sustainability & climate adaptation

In a new article for the Citizen Participation Network, Inga Lutosch and Laura Gerards Iglesias explain the experiences and potential of municipal development councils with regard to the development of municipal sustainability and climate adaptation concepts.

Re:Match - Relocation via Matching enters its second phase

Following the successful Re:Match pilot phase in 2024, we are now looking forward to starting the second phase together with Right to Protection!
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