Networks for a Welcoming Europe

In recent years, cities and municipalities across Europe have shown their willingness to welcome refugees . These welcoming municipalities are growing in number and, together with many civil society groups, they stand for a Europe of solidarity that respects human rights and takes responsibility for the protection of human lives. We are convinced that it is important to connnect these actors across countries and to strengthen strategic partnerships. This is the only way to develop a coherent European strategy that can sustainably change European migration and asylum policy and bring it in line with human rights.

In order to visualize the many existing networks of host cities, municipalities and civil society, a digital, interactive network map was created as part of this project.

The aim of the project was to identify and connect relevant actors and to build strategic partnerships between networks of cities and municipalities and transnational civil society networks. The map gives actors from civil society, municipalities, researchers and activists an overview of existing networks and actors at the European level and shows possibilities for new alliances. At the same time, the visualization tool shows policy makers that many European actors are ready to bring about change and are already actively engaged in doing so.




Open Society Foundation


Giulia Fellin, Johannes Krabbe

The digital network map visualizes relevant networks working to welcome refugees in Europe. The networks were selected according to their thematic focus: host communities, alternative local-transnational relocation programs, and related topics such as migration, integration, and asylum. Additional features of the map can be found on Graph Commons..

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EUROPE WELCOMES wants to showcase the solidarity that over a thousand municipalities in Europe have demonstrated since the start of the migration crisis in 2015. 

MOVING CITIES is the first organisation that provides in-depth research on 28 welcoming cities and their approaches in welcoming migrants and refugees. It presents 50 inspiring local approaches in detail and provides an overview of 750 European cities and networks that are committed to solidarity-based migration policies.

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