Of rain gardens, solar systems and cooperatives

The Weißwasser/O.L. Municipal Development Advisory Board has submitted its recommendations for a sub-strategy on energy, climate and urban development to the town council.

Strengthening democracy at local level

Gesine Schwan & Laura Gerards Iglesias in an interview on local development councils with DEMO, the social democratic magazine for local politics.

Municipal development councils honoured as "Proven on site"

Our municipal development councils have been awarded a seal of approval for administrative innovation by the German Association of Towns and Municipalities and the Re:Form initiative.

Multi-stakeholder deliberation: an opportunity for the common good and basic democratic consensus

Prof Dr Gesine Schwan sheds light on the democratic-theoretical and democratic-political function of municipal development councils in contrast to citizens' councils.

Online Event "Local Innovation in Migration Governance: Sharing Best Practices in Cities"

Cities in all EU member states develop best practices for successful integration based on their unique expertise and hand in hand with their civil society.

Municipal development councils conceptualised in concrete terms

Building on the experience gained in the pilot project "Shaping the future together locally!" 2021 - 2023, the concept of municipal development councils is presented in detail for the first time.

Re:Match reports & invitation to the official report launch

Re:Match has gained unique expertise with the successful piloting of individualised and demand-oriented relocation of protection seekers via algorithm-based matching. The technical and political findings and the resulting recommendations for decision-makers will be presented on February 13 in the form of two reports at a digital launch event.

G20 Acceleration Calls of Climate Transparency are out

Read "G20 Acceleration Call 2023 - From Coal to Renewables" and "G20 Acceleration Call 2023 - Oil and Gas" to learn more about the G20 transition away from fossil fuels

Making communication in municipalities more transparent and sustainable

Rottenburg Municipal Development Council presents recommendations - Deutschlandfunk reports.
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