Climate Transparency Strategy and Partners Workshop

DSC07236 300x200 - Climate Transparency Strategy and Partners Workshop

Berlin, 21-23 May 2019; Climate Transparency’s Strategy and Partners Workshop gathered partners from 14 organisations from different G20 countries and affiliated experts from various stakeholder groups such as civil society, foundations, international organisations, the financial sector and governments for a three-day event. Participants discussed the concept and indicators

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Exchange forum “Let´s Strengthen Transdisciplinarity”

Grafik Transidsziplinarität Social Media Überarbeitet 24.04.2019 300x200 - Exchange forum "Let´s Strengthen Transdisciplinarity"

The exchange forum “Let´s Strengthen Transdisciplinarity” discusses challenges of joint research from the 12th – 13th of June in the Allianz Forum, Berlin. Unlike other forms of research, transdisciplinarity can explore complex issues in order to contribute to sustainable solutions. This is because such a research method accommodates

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