Municipal Development Council
in Duisburg

A municipal development advisory board accompanies the urban development of the city of Duisburg

Duisburg, an independent city in the heart of the Ruhr area and the Lower Rhine region, is home to around 500,000 inhabitants, making it the fifth largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia. The city also has over the largest inland harbour in the world.

In the Duisburg-Hochfeld district, a project is currently being developed together with the Berlin Governance Platform as part of a programme funded by the E.ON Foundation a Municipal Development Council implemented. This is supported by the work of the Urban Future Ruhra joint venture between the City of Duisburg - represented by the municipal housing company GEBAG - and Initiativkreis Ruhr.

What is the topic?

Together for Duisburg-Hochfeld: Paths for sustainable structural change

The Duisburg-Hochfeld district was once strongly characterised by its proximity to heavy industry. Nowadays, it suffers from particular urban development challenges. Deficits in the infrastructure, high environmental pollution and high population fluctuation are noticeable here. Duisburg-Hochfeld epitomises the areas in the Ruhr region that are still suffering from the effects of economic structural change and where the challenges of a just socio-ecological transformation must be tackled with particular urgency.

Innovative and holistic solutions are needed to meet these challenges. A Municipal Development Advisory Board has been set up to discuss with citizens how the Quality of life in the neighbourhood can be improved. In addition, recommendations for action are to be developed for the city council. Particular attention will be paid to questions of Mobility in the neighbourhood and the Utilisation of public space.

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