Municipal Development Council
in the joint municipality of Meinersen

A municipal development advisory board supports the development of climate protection measures in Meinersen

The joint municipality of Meinersen, located in the district of Gifhorn in Lower Saxony, is one of Germany's 116 joint municipalities. These are a speciality of Lower Saxony, in which independent member municipalities continue to join together to form an administrative community. The joint municipality of Meinersen is made up of the four municipalities of Hillerse, Leiferden, Meinersen and Müden and is home to a total of around 20,400 inhabitants.

Meinersen is implementing a programme of support from the E.ON Foundation and supported by the Berlin Governance Platform Municipal Development Council in place. This is intended to support the municipality in realising the objectives of the Masterplan "100 % Climate Protection" of the Greater Braunschweig Regional Association.

What is the topic?

Meinersen focuses on co-design: participatory development of local climate protection measures

The Municipal Development Advisory Board of the Meinersen joint municipality will deal with the Energy and heat transition deal with.

These topics are currently the focus of heated discussions within municipal society and directly affect citizens. At the same time, there are considerable opportunities here to strengthen climate protection at a local level. This makes the topic highly relevant and urgent for both climate protection and democratic coexistence.

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